Moms are talking, and we are here to support you in the conversation. 

In collaboration with Barna, both Christian and non-Christian moms have expressed their heartfelt desires for what they hope churches can offer to support them in their journey of motherhood. Among the top priorities are assistance for single moms, nurturing their mental and spiritual well-being, and providing aid for those facing poverty. 

Here are statistics gathered through Barna that were asked specifically among Christian moms: 

52% of single moms desire support from the Church 

43% of moms of special needs children desire support from the Church 

50% of moms desire support from the church in their mental well-being 

45% of working moms desire support from the Church 

50% of moms in poverty desire support from the Church

It's heartening to recognize that for mothers, the Church holds significance not just as a place for spiritual growth, but also as a sanctuary that cares for their overall well-being.

As a pastor, it's understandable to feel the weight of these statistics. However, there are practical steps we can take to make a difference. Mothers themselves have provided valuable insights on how the Church can offer support:

Here are a few examples from moms:

  • Provide workshops for relevant parenting motherhood themes, so that moms can further develop friendships and relationships with others in the church community
  • Offering regular counseling and providing childcare during the week for working moms
  • Hosting more seminars and events to support mothers’ mental health.
  • Mentorship. Connecting multi-generational relationships between women
  • Small groups among moms that is focused on various needs
  • Activities for kids to support the mom that stays at home

Let's remember that mothers play pivotal roles in their families, embodying qualities of devotion, leadership and encouragement as highlighted in scripture.

We're here to stand beside you, ready to help bridge the gap and navigate this journey with mothers in mind. Let's embark on this journey together, and start a new ministry that embraces and uplifts mothers in our community.

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