Grow Your Church With The MomCo

An Innovative Approach to Church Growth and Evangelism


As the Christian community continues to evolve, pastors and church leaders face new challenges to reach and engage with a new audience. For pastors and church leaders, the inability to reach young families is a significant pain point. With many parents raising their children in a non-religious household, the church has struggled to connect with this demographic. However, studies by the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism have shown that despite this trend, 40% of parents still seek spiritual guidance and values for their children. This presents a unique opportunity for churches to support parents and families in all domains - physical, emotional and spiritual.

Pastors can confidently take action with MOPS, finding an abundance of guidance and support to reach this critical group and grow their congregation. MOPS has been engaging in outreach to moms for 50 years, providing research, insight and tools to help pastors develop and implement church growth strategies to reach young families.

Your Church Growth Strategy

Support Moms First

MOPS serves as a front porch to the church, a place where young families who wouldn't typically step foot in a church, can find a soft landing. When moms show up to a MOPS group, they find a welcoming community where they can get free childcare and engage in relevant content, including speakers and a curriculum that speaks to their heart and answers their questions about faith. MOPS groups engage in honest conversation and seek to meet the real needs of every mom who walks through the door, with the ultimate goal of helping women who are searching for truth and love to find it in Jesus. By partnering with MOPS, pastors have the opportunity to engage with the front line of the family - moms.

Research conducted by the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism shows that 74% of MOPS moms say that they have shared their faith perspective with another person in the past six months, compared with only 39% of the general population of believers who say the same. Pastors who partner with MOPS can leverage the power of motherhood, and create a ripple effect across more families and potential believers. MOPS provides world-class leadership training and faith-formation to its members, which sets it apart from other organizations. MOPS equips moms to share the good news of Jesus, and when moms meet Jesus, they pass their faith on to their children and partners. Create an Inclusive Environment for Families

MOPS has cultivated an environment that is tailored to meeting the unique needs of moms and families across a variety of different backgrounds. In order to reach a new audience and grow the Church, it is essential for pastors and church leaders to create an inclusive environment for all families, including those with different backgrounds or unique circumstances.

MOPS welcomes all mothers regardless of their race, ethnicity or religion. Through MOPS groups, your church can provide a safe space where mothers and their families can comfortably seek guidance on parenting and faith while building a community within the walls of the church and beyond.

Support the Spiritual Growth of Families

Ultimately, through supporting moms and sharing the truth of Jesus, the greater purpose of MOPS is to cultivate and support the spiritual growth of families. By offering a program that focuses on building relationships, creating a welcoming environment, and providing resources for spiritual growth, churches can spread the Gospel even further. Churches that partner with MOPS have a unique opportunity to offer families spiritual support and guidance as they navigate parenting the next generation, creating a lasting impact on their congregation and ultimately, the world.

Grow Your Church to Grow the Church

Reaching young families is critical for the growth of any church. MOPS equips moms to share the good news of Jesus and build intentional relationships with other families. When pastors partner with MOPS and engage in outreach to moms, they are better equipped to carry out their church growth strategies and build a vibrant community that reaches those young families. Through the support of MOPS, pastors and their churches have a powerful opportunity to reach unchurched people and equip a growing congregation to do the same.