12 Dynamic Ways to Engage Families in Your Church This Summer

Summer can be a season of spiritual drift for many families. The routines of the school year vanish, replaced by vacations, camps and a seemingly endless array of activities. But what if summer could be a time for your church to thrive, a season where connections deepen and faith flourishes? Here are 12 dynamic ways to engage families in your church this summer, keeping the spiritual fire burning bright and ensuring that your community remains vibrant and connected.

1. Kickoff With a Family Festival

Start the summer with a bang! Host a family festival with games, food and music. Think inflatables, BBQs, face painting and live bands. Create an event that no family would want to miss and use it as a launchpad for your summer activities.

2. Host Themed Movie Nights

Transform your church lawn or parking lot into an outdoor cinema. Pick family-friendly movies that align with biblical themes or promote positive values. Encourage families to bring blankets and snacks, creating an atmosphere that's both fun and reflective.

3. Adventure Sundays

Take worship outside the walls of the church. Plan a series of Adventure Sundays where families can explore nature trails, enjoy picnics, or go on a local scavenger hunt. Use these opportunities to weave in messages of creation, stewardship and community.

4. Summer Sports Leagues

Organize sports leagues for various age groups, including soccer, basketball or even a fun kickball league. These activities can bring families together, encourage healthy competition, and provide excellent opportunities for outreach and fellowship.

5. Vacation Bible School (VBS) Extravaganza

Reimagine your VBS program with fresh themes and engaging activities. Make it a week-long event that families look forward to all year. Incorporate skits, crafts, music and interactive Bible lessons to captivate both kids and their parents.

6. Serve Together

Plan community service projects that families can do together. Whether it’s a neighborhood clean-up, a food drive, or a visit to a local nursing home, these activities can teach children the importance of service and compassion while strengthening family bonds.

7. Family Devotion Challenges

Create weekly family devotion guides with fun challenges and activities. Encourage families to share their experiences on social media or during Sunday services. This can foster a sense of unity and shared spiritual growth within your congregation.

8. Picnic and Praise

Organize weekly or bi-weekly picnics where families can enjoy a meal together and participate in an informal praise and worship session. It’s a relaxed way to connect, share testimonies, and celebrate what God is doing in the lives of your church members.

9. Parenting Workshops

Offer workshops and seminars on parenting, addressing topics like raising kids in faith, managing screen time, and dealing with peer pressure. Provide practical tips and spiritual guidance, making your church a valuable resource for family life.

10. Digital Engagement

Use social media and your church’s website to keep families engaged. Post daily or weekly devotionals, share inspiring stories, and create online groups where parents can connect and support each other. Embrace technology to keep the spiritual conversation going.

11. Family Camps and Retreats

Organize weekend camps or retreats focused on family bonding and spiritual growth. Include activities like campfires, hiking and group discussions. These retreats can be transformative, offering a break from the routine and a chance to reconnect with God and each other.

12. Summer Reading Club

Launch a summer reading program with books that cater to different age groups, but align with your church’s values. Encourage families to read together and discuss these books, perhaps culminating in a fun celebration or a special church service dedicated to the themes explored.


Summer doesn’t have to be a time when your church loses momentum. With these 12 dynamic strategies, you can keep families engaged, foster deeper connections, and ensure that the spiritual journey continues strong throughout the season. Embrace the unique opportunities that summer presents, and watch your church community thrive in new and exciting ways.

By focusing on these engaging, innovative and family-oriented activities, your church can turn summer into a season of growth, joy and spiritual renewal. So, gear up, get creative and let’s make this summer unforgettable for the families in your congregation!