There’s Power in Partnership

“This ministry to moms has actually become one of the greatest circles of revival in our church.” – Jamie Wamsley  
Associate senior pastor & campus pastor at The Chapel

Every church in America has a group of women who are in real, tangible need of others to come alongside them and help them out in an incredibly remarkable and vital stage of their life. 

49% of moms share that “they know someone cares for them.” At Momco, know that YOU play a significant role in this percentage! Thank you. 
You have a significant number of women who are incredibly equipped to step into that moment right now, but here is the thing…  
We at MomCo know you are sometimes exhausted, over functioning, feeling lonely, dealing with the needs of others on a consistent basis that the idea of starting another ministry is…may we honestly say, a daunting task. But we are here to activate these women!

We see your needs as you support the needs of others, and our number one desire is to support you as you continue your pursuit for the women in your community to encounter God in a fresh, beautiful and new kind of way.  
When you start a ministry with us, we do all of the things that pastors got into ministry for — outreach, evangelism, discipleship, charity. And because you’re finding a group of people who are in such a tangible and visceral point of need, it has explosive, exponential impact!  
We’ve seen when a mom comes to know Jesus, the chances increase that her kids will too. You have an unbelievable opportunity to see God move in lives bigger than you could have possibly imagined, and it starts with one of the most overlooked groups of people: moms.  

Empowering one mother, empowers many mothers. 

Start your ministry!