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Strong Moms, Strong Families, Strong Church

There is a difference between a women's ministry and a mom ministry” 
– a mother in our research and community. 

If it is true that faith correlates with stronger emotional well-being among mothers, where and how does the church intersect? With just one in 10 U.S. pastors strongly agreeing that their church prioritizes mothers, nearly half of moms say that their church "never" provides materials to support them as mothers. It is no wonder that nearly one in four Christian moms is dissatisfied with their church.  

It’s safe to say that there’s a disconnect between pastors and mothers in their view of motherhood and the role women play in society. Even though the busyness of motherhood can make it more difficult to be directly involved in church, Christian moms still prioritize church attendance for various reasons.  

  • Roughly half (49%) say they go to church to grow in their faith.  
  • Another two in five go to learn about God (39%) and for their children (37%).  
  • After this, many Christian mothers attend church for the worship / music (29%).  

While some mothers list children’s ministry or childcare as a way that their church supports them, other mothers don’t see this as something that directly ministers to them. One mom explains, “My church offers children’s church, but [parents] often need to be part of it. If I miss the sermon and the kids are essentially in daycare, what spiritual growth is happening then?” 

In our research, a mom shares, “There is a difference [between] women’s and mom ministries … “ When asked what their church specifically offers to mothers, just 7 percent of pastors state that their church offers a mothers’ ministry.  

You have a vital role in the development of families, and it begins with a mother's life. What we see daily is when you empower one mom, you empower many moms to live a life of faith, rest, and rhythm and can change the trajectory of their families, your community and ultimately the Church.  

Let us take on all the hard work of developing a ministry. We stand in the gap of what the church and mothers are saying. We are here for you. Here for your moms. Here for your families.