What Would it Look Like for the Church to Take Moms Seriously?

Throughout history, few experiences have been as universally transformative as motherhood. across cultures, generations and geography, the profound influence of mothers has shaped the course of civilizations. Yet, in the ever-evolving landscape of the modern world, the journey of motherhood has faced urgent challenges. 
The Barna Study, Motherhood Today, captures some of the raw, unfiltered realities of motherhood today, going beyond the idyllic portrayals of being a mother to shed light on the unspoken moments of doubt and pressure that many moms face. But there’s also an untapped well of strength and influence that mothers possess.  
What should this mean for the Church?  
When The MomCo by MOPS International—then, simply known as MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)—was founded in 1973, emerging conversations around feminism, gender norms, the role of motherhood, reproductive rights, and sexual liberation were starting to take center stage in the United States.  
In the midst of this, seven women in Colorado invited moms to meet regularly to grow as women, parents and leaders, with the ultimate goal of reaching women with the hope of Jesus. Today, the small gathering they called MOPS now extends to 102 countries, 18 languages, 72,000 meetings a year, and influences over a million moms annually. Through these groups, in the last seven years, more than 49,000 women have decided to follow Christ.  
As the largest outreach to moms in the world, The MomCo  is a pioneering movement defined by thought leadership and an ability to understand the times.  
We have watched for decades as the marketing industry has harnessed the attention and influence of moms across every business sector. Major brands allocate time and resources to focus on strategically utilizing the influence of moms.  
What would it look like for the Church to take moms seriously as well?  
When a mom comes to know Jesus, chances are her kids will too. What we are seeing being sparked around the globe in the next Jesus movement is, once again, starting with one of the most overlooked groups of people: moms.  
Even as trust in the Church wavers for some, moms are particularly open to faith conversations and want to raise their kids with values and a spiritual underpinning. With this, the Church has a unique opportunity to provide practical, relevant programming andresources for parents, especially mothers.  
May this be a new season of intentionally mobilizing the moms in your community.  
May women searching for hope flock to your church in droves.  
May you find joy as uncharted outreach methods take shape for and with moms, sparking a revival in your church and city. Amen, and let it be so.  
Grow your church today.