Authentic environment paired with meaningful relationships is essential

While 42% of Christian moms say they are not satisfied with their church, you are beating the statistics. Your church plays a pivotal role in nurturing mothers' emotional well-being. Moms often find expressing their needs or vulnerabilities is not always a simple task; it takes courage and a supportive community. An authentic environment, paired with meaningful relationships are essential for mothers striving to create a steady home.

Figure out women's programming that simply says to a woman,

"We know you're here; we see you. We may not understand everything about you, but we want to try to meet needs that are in your life." – Paul Basden, Senior Pastor of Preston Trail Community Church, TX

Moms needs, often intangible without community, encompass many aspects of a mother's life, including her identity, ambitions and aspirations, but they are not limited to motherhood. How a mother finds community and cares for herself pours out into the lives she is shaping within her home.

Recent Barna statistics demonstrate hearts of moms:
67% of Christian moms want to improve self-love and care.
52% of moms want to make more time for themselves

Here are some ways moms are currently taking care of themselves: 
19% read the Bible as a form of self-care
37% pray as a form of self-care
54% eat or drink something as a form of self-care
58% watch tv as a form of self-care

Mothers are up against messages every day that remind them of the long list of what they are not and what they should be doing differently. The pursuit of perfection is a relentless pressure many mothers face, and while most days it's a standard, it is unattainable.

The constant striving for flawlessness can lead us to feelings of inadequacy and disillusionment. The prevalent myth of the effortlessly perfect mother only exacerbates this challenge, distorting a mother's perspective and leaving her feeling exhausted and disheartened – pursuing spaces that help her escape rather than feeling equipped and empowered.

Moms need hope, the hope that can only be found in Jesus …
By countering the narrative of having to do and have it all and giving mothers the gift of the truth of the gospel, churches can create spaces that offer hope to weary and overwhelmed mothers. The gospel reminds mothers that their worth is not defined by their ability to meet unattainable standards, but by their inherent value as beloved creations of God.

Your church is a safe space to meet Jesus …
Delivering the message of grace and acceptance gives mothers a hope that there is peace and rest, empowering mothers to navigate the challenges of motherhood with resilience and instilling faith. Fostering an environment of authenticity and understanding will be a pillar of support for mothers, acknowledging their struggles and celebrating their triumphs. We have seen it firsthand that when mothers feel empowered, they empower other mothers to come along their journey and live a life of unwavering faith, inside and outside the walls of the church.

We know that empowering one mom empowers a community of moms.